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Why Your Contractor Should Be Licensed and Insured






Did you know that an important step in hiring a contractor is ensuring they are licensed and insured? Often times, it seems easiest to just hire someone who is a ‘handy-man’ or knows a friend of a friend. Yet, they may not have the right documentation that protects the investment of your home renovation.

The renovation industry is huge throughout Canada. The RenoMark sign ensures a company has a legitimate business license, is informed, professional, follows a specific Code of Ethics, and offers a warranty. Peak Improvements LTD is a proud member of the CHBA (Canadian Home Builders Association) and RenoMark. Being a part of the CHBA guarantees “…quality craftsmanship, professional service, and sound business practice. Members abide by a strict Code Of Ethics and are experts in the field of residential construction.”

RenoMark provides a guide to understanding all that you need to know before beginning a renovation project. You can access the guide here (RenoGuide). The Government of Alberta offers consumer tips on home renovations, including a check list to go over before signing a contract. You can read the article here (Hiring a Renovator/Contractor).

Doing your homework before hiring a contractor, making sure they are abiding by all laws and can provide the right documentation, will give you peace of mind throughout the entire renovation process.

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