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7 Features to Consider in Your Basement Renovation

Sometimes when you look at an unfinished basement all you can see is what’s not there. But your Edmonton basement actually holds incredible potential. Of course, you may need a little bit of help...

5 Inspirational Basement Designs for your Edmonton Home

Renovating the basement of your Edmonton home doesn’t begin with lumber and saws and hammers and nails. It begins with inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration involves being able to envision great...

Edmonton Renovation Costs – The Complete Guide

Planning to renovate your home involves much more than just daydreaming about the finished product. A home reno is an investment in your time, your money, and your future. Thus, entering into the...

How Much Does a Basement Renovation Cost in Edmonton?

Depending upon the scope and scale of your basement renovation, costs can vary greatly. As you can imagine, a simple upgrade to an existing basement will be priced out at far less than a complete...

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