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Home Renovation Timelines

Home Renovation Timelines.jpgSome home renovations are finished in a matter of weeks. Some additions and complete makeover projects take months. Thus, the short answer to the question, “how long will my home renovation take?” is, 

“It depends.”

The length of time to complete your project depends on the type of renovation, the scope, the complexity, and, of course, the season.

Clearly the larger the project, the longer the timeline. A simple bathroom renovation is bound to be completed in no time compared to an entire large-scale house renovation, which can equate to months of dust and debris in your living space. Some common factors that may drastically affect your timeline include:


The more customized materials you choose, such as tile, lighting, cabinetry, and even appliances and fixtures, the more likely are you are going to need to wait. These items are unique and less common, which is a good thing for the distinction of your project, meaning these items are not going to be in every house on the block, but may delay the completion date of your project. It’s also not uncommon for certain artistic items to be on back-order, which sometimes means a little stagnation in progression for the entire renovation.


While really great contractors are also great planners, there is no denying the fact that sometimes surprises arise when digging deep into the depths of a renovation. Plumbing malfunctions, old pipes, inadequate electrical, or even foundation surprises can open everyone’s eyes and lead to unanticipated costs and time. However, as inconvenient as these things seem in the moment, discovering clay pipes before they burst after an entire house renovation can actually be a blessing in disguise down the road. It is much more cost effective and efficient to fix a problem before it leads to destruction of a finished project.


Hard winters and torrential downpours can definitely delay a projected timeline. Weather factors into a remodel quite a bit, especially when outdoor work is required. In some areas, the ground can be too cold for digging and excavation for months at a time. Concrete cannot be poured, drywall and paint can’t dry, and stucco cannot be set when the temperatures dip and the air moisture is too high. All of these forces of nature are beyond anyone’s control and cannot be predicted. However, even though summer time projects may seem faster due to the above circumstances, that’s not always the case either. Contractors are often much busier during the warmer months, which means more division of labor and attention.

Thus, predicting the timeline for your home renovation can be a little bit of a gamble. A ball park figure is best, and when the project is completed under the estimated time, you’ll often feel like you’ve won the lottery. But if things start to stagnate, be patient, and remember it is all a part of the process.


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