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Make Your Next Home Renovation Easy With Peak Improvement's Guaranteed Price, No Surprise Contract!

If you’re considering a home renovation, but are hesitant to interview contractors, you’re not alone. Many of the families we work with at Peak Improvements come to us with a similar story. Throughout either a former project, or in the process of arranging their current build, they’ve been surprised with sudden fees or costs that seemingly come out of nowhere. In addition, many of them have experienced delays, frustration when it comes to communication, and other less than pleasant hiccups during construction. Why are we telling you this?

The truth is, changing your home to better suit your needs doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Peak, we believe in going the extra mile to give our customers peace of mind, and the reassurance that their project will be completed on budget. How?  Our guaranteed price, no surprise contract.

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With Peak, once you sign on the dotted line, you never have to worry about sudden changes affecting your cost or causing delays. Learn more about our guarantee below, as well as how we put it into action.

It Really Is As Simple As It Sounds

At Peak Improvements, we don’t believe in using gimmicks to win you over. That’s why, when we say our contract is “guaranteed price, no surprise”, it truly is as simple as that. Our team spends the time to partner closely with our customers to decide exactly what’s needed to bring their vision to life, and then does the research to create a quote that matches. Since 2007, Peak has completed hundreds of renovation projects we’ve created a proven six-stage process that covers every detail, eliminating confusion or the need for changes down the line. Core parts of this process involve:

First, A Thorough In-Home Consultation

To start our relationship off on the right foot, our team is happy to come to you. Meeting in your home allows us to get a feel for your space, as well as take the time to fully flesh out your vision and investigate any challenges that are unique to your property. We believe in giving you plenty of time to ask questions, learn from our experts, and will do our best to make sure we’re fully aligned with your objectives before we leave.

Accurate Preliminary Budgets

Should you decide to proceed forward after your in-home consultation, Peak Improvements will set to work preparing your preliminary budget that is designed to showcase the general scope of work, opinion of investment, and overall scale of the project. All that’s missing are the specific features and design elements that homeowners are able to discuss and select with the aide of our dedicated, in-house, design team.

Design and Drafting Services

Having to partner with an external design firm can be a lengthy and frustrating process for homeowners. Peak’s in-house team features all the creative and structural minds you’ll need to work with under one roof! Consult with our designers and architects, and select every finishing detail for your project, right down to the materials, colours, and model you wish to have included. With these elements locked in, building an accurate final quote becomes far easier.

home design edmonton

Detailed Examination of Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Components and More

With your plan now approved, the Scope of Work detailed, and the final plan now in place, construction begins. Peak works closely with our vetted trade partners to examine all areas to be modified in detail. This process gives us the chance to walk-through every detail involved in bringing your project to life, and eliminates the chance of any sudden “surprises” during construction. Once the examination is done, we have an accurate picture of exactly what we’re working with, and will ensure your final pricing accurately reflects the data collected.

Why Does A Guaranteed Price Contract Matter?

At Peak Improvements, one of the things we value most is transparency. We believe in forming a relationship based on trust with our customers, and will always go above and beyond to put that sentiment into action. By offering a contract that never changes, we give you peace of mind throughout your entire renovation. No frills, no gimmicks, just a promise you can trust.

Discover the Peak Improvements difference, book your consultation now!

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