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Questions to Ask A Prospective Contractor

Partnering with a qualified contractor to work with for your next home renovation is the best way to ensure a smooth construction process and minimize the disruption to your daily routine. Unfortunately, finding the right fit can often feel like a frustrating task for homeowners. Knowing the right questions to ask while interviewing prospective builders can help you feel confident in your final decision and eliminate any poor fits early on. Below are a few key areas, as well as related questions to pose when choosing your renovation team.

home renovation contractor questions


One of the most important areas to delve into early on when meeting with contractors is establishing what qualifications and licenses they possess. Your home is one of the most precious things you own; ensuring the team you entrust it to is properly certified is a must when it comes to a smooth renovation. Sample questions to ask include:

  • Are you a licensed pre-paid contractor registered with service Alberta?
  • Do you have a business license that covers Edmonton and Area?
  • Do you have general liability insurance (should be at least $2 million)
  • Do you carry valid worker’s compensation insurance?

Past Experience

Even if a contractor is highly qualified on paper, it’s crucial to make sure they have the previous experience to match your project. Beyond viewing their existing portfolio and asking for references (both of which should be readily available), you’ll also want to ask questions like:

  • How did you get into the home renovation business? What is your previous background (if applicable).
  • What previous companies have you worked for/owned? What made you decide to work with your current company?
  • Can you provide a few examples of things that have gone wrong during past projects, and how your team addressed them?

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Finally, finding out how a prospective builder carries out a project is key to determining success. Ask for specific details like:

  • Will you be hiring subcontractors to complete certain portions of the work? If so, how do you vet them?
  • How do you determine your scope of work? Can you show me a specific breakdown?
  • How does your team handle any “surprises” or sudden changes during the construction process? Am I expected to pay more than what is in my contract?
  • What steps are taken to ensure my project will be completed on time and on budget?
  • Who are my points of contact, and how do I know the best way to reach them if I have questions?

Creating transparency between homeowners and contractors from the very start of the project is an easy way to alleviate stress and guarantee a smooth renovation. At Peak Improvements, we follow a proven six-stage process to ensure every build goes according to plan, and give homeowners peace of mind with our guaranteed price, no surprise contract.

Learn more about how we can help make your dream home a reality by contacting our team today!

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