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What is Design Build?

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More and more homeowners are turning to design build firms for their home improvement projects simply because they are quickly discovering the end result is a much improved and smoother building experience.
In fact, a Penn State University study showed that the design build process reduces the final cost of a project, diminishes cost overruns, and results in projects being completed on time, when compared to the traditional design-bid-build method.

With a design build firm, there’s no need to go through the headaches of coordinating with separate companies to design, obtain permits, select products, as well as begin construction. Working with Peak Improvements Ltd eliminates the blame game between designers, suppliers, and your contractor. Our design team and production staff are working together, coordinating your project long before construction begins.

Design Build Gives You Budget Control

Working hand in hand with a designer and builder from the very beginning allows for clear communication about realistic costs and focuses everyone involved on budget control. Select a contractor who will provide you with a GUARANTEED PRICE + NO SURPRISE CONTRACT! 

Since everyone is on the same page and the same team throughout the entire process, homeowners discover that having to make costly changes once construction begins is something that is virtually eliminated.

Design Build Gives You Quicker Delivery of Your Project 

A home improvement project, even just a simple one, involves hundreds of details and requires accurate project management and scheduling from beginning to end.
With one point of contact overseeing your project, a design build firm allows for coordination between everyone and reduces the common delays that are all too common in the industry.

We aren’t simply replacing the elements of the space, but we are redesigning, refining, building, and promising you the home of your dreams.


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