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What Sets Peak Improvements Apart

Peak Improvements Logo.pngDeciding to renovate your home can be one of the largest and most important decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. The expense involved, the planning and design, the construction dust and the temporary inconvenience of the process can be rather daunting. However, embarking on the project with the right partners will mean satisfaction, pleasure, and lifestyle improvement for years to come. Your home should be your happy place.

At Peak Improvements, we love doing our work for you and working together while we do it. Since 2007 we have been providing renovation services for kitchens, bathrooms, and additions in the Edmonton area. Our process has evolved with just one thing in mind, getting your job done right the first time. With on-staff carpenters, project managers, in house design and administrative staff, we have all the pieces in place.

This is what sets us apart from the rest: we believe that working together is the only way to do good work.

Our in-house designers and tradespeople know a coordinated plan is essential for responsible and efficient project management.  As we develop the scope of work, the drawings and all the individual aspects of your project, the path to a great finish becomes clear.

We grew our business by championing the best practices in the industry and developing an efficient and accountable renovation process. We are more than hammers and hardhats. If we weren’t a dedicated and passionate team of renovation specialists we wouldn’t have the clients we do, or the reputation that comes with successfully completing project after project. It’s all about using the skills of our craft to provide you the best service possible.

Our process is all about you and our relationship with you. We sit down with you, invite your feedback and questions, and we are accountable to you throughout the entire process. After completion of your detailed 3D renderings and personal selections with our in-house designers, we work with you to provide a guaranteed fixed-price contract with defined timelines. We are a design-build firm, which means we are with you the entire duration of the reno.  And, as we approach the finish line, together we conduct a comprehensive inspection and completion certificate, ensuring we’ve done the job above and beyond your expectations.

Our process is all about precision, lasting impressions, and developing a lasting relationship with you.

YOU are our business.


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