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7 Non-Glamorous Things that Should Be Handled During Your Renovation

7 Non Glamorous Things that Should Be Handled During Your RenovationChances are that when you think about renovating your Edmonton home, your thoughts turn to things such as selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen or choosing flooring for your home. Maybe you do research into selecting the best countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.

A lot of what makes a home renovation successful, however, is what goes on behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at 7 non-glamorous things that should be handled during your renovation.

1. Electrical

A home renovation can be a great time to upgrade your electrical system. For instance, if you’re renovating your kitchen, you may want to upgrade your wiring and your electrical outlets. That may not sound glamorous or exciting, but having more outlets from which to choose can make your kitchen a lot more convenient. Plus, you’ll be installing new outlets that are safer.

2. Plumbing

During a renovation, you may also have the opportunity to address plumbing issues that have bothered you. Maybe you have a toilet that doesn’t drain properly. Or perhaps the sink in your kitchen isn’t located in the most convenient spot. When you’re doing a redesign of your home you have the opportunity to take on those challenges. And while it’s true that visitors will never compliment you on your great plumbing, you will notice the added comfort and convenience.

3. Insulation

In a similar way, no one will be impressed with how great your home looks when you add insulation. But if you have the chance to add insulation while you’re doing other improvements, both you and your guests will be much more comfortable on those cold winter nights if you upgrade your insulation.


Your heating venting and air conditioning system is another thing that works behind the scenes to make your home comfortable. Even the most beautiful home can’t make up for feeling too cold or too hot. If you’re remodeling your Edmonton home, that probably means it’s not a brand new home. The average furnace lifespan is approximately 15 years. So you may want to review your HVAC needs. And even if your HVAC equipment is still functioning, it may not be as efficient as it once was—and most certainly won’t be as efficient as the systems that are currently on the market. So in addition to increased comfort, a new HVAC system could actually save you money on monthly heating bills.


5. Light Fixtures

When you’re renovating a room, you won’t want to forget about your lighting needs. If you create a family room or a media room, for instance, you’ll want to consider task lighting for reading along with general ambient light that can be dimmed for watching television. The same is true in your kitchen. You’ll want specific task lighting that allows you to prepare food. But if you entertain in your kitchen, you’ll also want additional lights that help set the mood.

6. Doors

While doors and windows certainly can be considered design elements, they also have definite functional capacities. Doors and windows that don’t operate properly can take the joy out of a newly renovated space. And although we’ve been talking about things you don’t see—new doors and windows can also be dramatic design elements in a remodeling project.

7. Smoke and CO Detectors

Safety is always important. Once again, you probably won’t get “style points” for putting in new smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors (although some of the new smart units are pretty cool looking). But having effective detectors that can alert you even when you’re not at home can make you feel better about your home.

How your home looks is important (click here for a look at some gorgeous Edmonton homes that prove that point). Still, don’t forget to take care of those behind-the-scenes improvements that can make your home more convenient, comfortable, and safe.


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