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Age With Grace: Why You Should Start Planning Your Age in Place Renovations Now

Canada’s senior population is on the rise, with over 5.9 million Canadian adults over the age of 65 being reported in the 2016 census. With many seniors preferring to stay in their home as long as possible, renovations designed to make a residence “age in place” friendly are more important than ever. With the proper planning and design in place, you can ensure your home is safe and comfortable to live in for the foreseeable future. Read on to learn more about aging in place, and how you can start getting your home ready!

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What is ‘Aging in Place’

Aging in place is the ability to remain in your home or community safely and comfortably as you age. This involves having access to health and social supports that facilitate independence, as well as a home environment designed to meet your needs as you grow older. Benefits of aging in place include comfort, familiarity, a continued sense of autonomy, and more.

Start Planning Ahead Early

While aging in place can be a wonderful experience, it is something that typically requires a proactive approach for those wishing to remain in their home. If you know that you and your spouse would like to remain in your home as long as possible, working with a contractor early comes with a major perk:

Plenty Of Time to Remodel

While there are lots of minor renovations that can be done to make your home more accessible, your contractor will be able to highlight any major areas or projects that need to be done to make your space as aging friendly as possible. Knowing the scope of work ahead of time makes it easier to plan things in stages, saving you time and money.

Not JUST for Seniors

Age in place renovations aren’t just beneficial to seniors. For those with mobility issues (especially progressive conditions), families needing to incorporate multi-generational housing, and homeowners looking to increase their resale value over time.

Examples of Age In Place Renovation Options

While every home will have its own unique areas that need to be altered, a few common renovation projects include:

  • Widening door frames to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Stairlift installation
  • Lowering light switches and other control elements throughout the house
  • Ensuring areas are well lit and easily to navigate
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations to include features like railings, in shower seats, lowered counters and more.

seniors bathroom renovations edmonton

Move Forward With Confidence

At Peak Improvements, we understand that renovations can feel daunting, especially for homeowners looking to make changes that enable them to stay in the home they know and love. Our team of experts are happy to work closely with you to help meet your specific needs on budget, and on time!

Contact us today to learn more about preparing your home for the future!

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