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Good, Better, Best - Your Renovation Can Be Perfect But It Depends on How Far You Take It

Good Better Best Your Renovation Can Be Perfect But It Depends on How Far You Take ItWhat kind of results do you really want from your Edmonton home renovation? Your renovation can be “perfect” but it really depends on how far you take it. It’s helpful to set your expectations before you start your project—and even before you select the renovation contractor you plan to use.

Let’s talk about those different levels of expectation. While there’s no “official” designation for these levels, it can be helpful to think in terms of “Good,” “Better,” and “Best.” Not every contractor will offer the same level of service and quality. And let’s be honest, that’s one of the reasons some of them charge different rates. Obviously, the materials you choose for your home renovation will impact your cost. So will your timeframe. There’s an old adage that applies to many industries: “Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two!” That’s also true when it comes to renovating your Edmonton home.

Good Better Best Your Renovation Can Be Perfect But It Depends on How Far You Take ItGood

A good quality renovation should give you most of what you want within a reasonable timeframe for a fair price. If you are budget conscious and really need to stay at a certain price level that might mean making some compromises when it comes to the scope of your project or with some of the materials you can use.

The good news about working with a design-build renovation contractor is that your contractor can help you make adaptations to your plans and come up with alternatives that can save you some money but still deliver the functionality you want. You shouldn’t expect a $100,000 job for a price of $25,000 but you should still be able to make a lot of the improvements that you want.

Good Better Best Your Renovation Can Be Perfect But It Depends on How Far You Take ItBetter

If you want to take things up a notch, you may choose to opt for a better option. That means you get pretty much everything you want, and the quality of the materials should be noticeably better. The scope of the job (the size and complexity) will be improved. A good contractor can show you how to get the maximum from your budget.

With this level of quality, you might not get every finish that you have in mind or saw on Houzz.com. You should, however, end up with a superior result. If you install appliances, you’ll be able to choose something a little more upscale. That doesn’t mean top of the line appliances such as Sub-Zero or Viking—but it will be a step up from “builder grade” appliances. There’s also a good chance that your project may take a little longer because it may be a more complicated and intricate plan.

Good Better Best Your Renovation Can Be Perfect But It Depends on How Far You Take ItBest

When you undertake a renovation at this level you should pretty much get everything you want. We’d never say that money is no object, but it may be less of a limiting factor if you’re operating at this level. As with the other levels, everything begins with the plan. At the highest level, your contractor will work up a more detailed plan.

Chances are very good that there will be a lot more customization. That could show up in your kitchen cabinets, your lighting, your fixtures, and even the overall design. It might include completely redesigning the physical space. Your contractor may make additional suggestions for things you hadn’t considered—all based on what you say you want. You’ll probably want to pay a little more for the best finishes (whether it’s flooring, countertops, cabinets, or appliances). Will this level of work take longer? It’s quite likely, due to the unique nature of what you’re creating. Will it cost more? Absolutely. But if the materials and workmanship are what you want and fall within your agreed to budget that’s OK.

Even though there are different levels of work, service, and quality you should never settle for shoddy workmanship. You may choose a lesser level of materials or you may be content to wait a little longer for the completion of your project. Know what to expect (and what to pay for that level of service and materials) going into your renovation.


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