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5 Features to Include in Your Edmonton Basement Renovation

5 Features to Include in Your Edmonton Basement RenovationBasement renovations have become increasingly popular in Edmonton in recent years. Some of that may be due to the increase in multi-generational households. That could be the result of an older parent moving in or younger family member returning home for a while before launching a career. Sometimes it’s a matter of simply taking advantage of extra space in a home without actually increasing the footprint of the house. Whatever your reason for expanding your living space here are 5 features to include in your Edmonton basement renovation.

New Flooring

If your current basement is unfinished, you may have a simple concrete floor. And while that’s a good foundation, it’s certainly not a feature that encourages family or guests to spend time there. You have lots of options: Carpet, tile, hardwood, and engineered (synthetic) wood. Often, engineered wood is a good choice in basements because they tend to be a bit damper. Talk to your renovation professional about how you plan to use the space—and about conditions in your basement before deciding.

Updated Bathroom Fixtures

Some basements already have a bathroom installed. If the basement is unfinished or only partially finished, however, this may be a “bare bones” type of room. An update of the fixtures can make the space much more appealing. You don’t necessarily have to go high-end with this update. The bathroom you see here is an example of a simple-but-attractive bathroom we installed in an Edmonton basement. Click on the photo for a larger image (and also to look at some of the other features we’re describing in this post).

Larger Windows

We tend to think of basements as rather dark spaces. Depending upon the structure of your basement, you might want to look at having larger windows installed that let in more natural light. You can even install (or refurbish) the outside window wells to brighten things up.

Adequate Lighting

Speaking of light, don’t forget to think through your lighting needs before you begin your renovation project. In addition to allowing for both task lighting (for reading, playing games, etc.) you’ll also want to think about ambient lighting to set the mood or to adjust if you use the space as a home theatre.


We often don't think of basements as warm, cozy places. In fact, most of the focus of a home HVAC system is directed at keeping the upstairs space warm. Keep your need for heat in mind as you plan your space so that you get adequate heat and circulation on your lower level. This is another reason that working with a design-build renovation contractor makes sense. We take things like this into consideration when working with you to formulate your plan.

If you have an unfinished (or partially finished) basement but don’t know yet what you want to do with the space, here’s a post that provides some great ideas on how to get the most out of that unused space.

Of course, you’ll want to set a realistic budget for your Edmonton basement renovation. How do you calculate that when every renovation project is unique? Here’s an article that gives you an overview of the biggest factors that impact the cost of your project.


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