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5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home: What Will Yours Be?

New-Years-Resolutions-for-Your-Home-What-Will-Yours-Be.jpgIf making New Year’s resolutions in the coming month isn’t something that excites you, you’re certainly not alone.  A globalnews.ca article reports that, according to a recent Ipsos poll, only 30 percent of Canadians set New Year’s resolutions. And on top of that, it’s estimated that 73 percent eventually break them. By the way, you can click here to see what various MPs listed as their New Year’s resolutions a couple of years ago!) Maybe that’s because those resolutions aren’t about things we really want to do.

Perhaps instead of trying to lose weight, exercise more, or “focus on the positives” (yep, that’s number two on the list for Canadians), you should turn your attention to something you really care about. Most of us would love to have a more comfortable, convenient, efficient home in which to enjoy time with family and friends. Maybe you should make a New Year’s resolution for your home? Let’s face it: Improving your home improves your life! So what home improvement would you love to make this year? Here are 5 possibilities.

1. An Updated Kitchen

There is a good reason that kitchens are one of the most renovated rooms in any home. They are used for so many different things. Family and friends alike spend time there. In fact, it's hard to keep people out of the kitchen—so why not make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible? Of course, one kind of kitchen isn't right for every home. It's really smart to renovate your kitchen to fit your particular lifestyle and needs—whether that's a kitchen for gourmet cooking, entertaining, or simply a spacious room in which to prepare meals and eat together. Here’s a post that looks at creating different kitchens for different lifestyles.

2. A Media Room

Often one of the most logical places for a media room is in the basement. That way if the kids are gaming, or watching a movie that’s a little loud, it won’t disturb everyone else in the house. But just putting a big screen television, speakers, and a sofa in the basement doesn’t make it a media room or a home theatre. Besides, you may want to use it yourself, so you’ll want to make it comfortable.

3. A Master Bathroom

Is your master bathroom a place where getting ready for your day is a pleasure? Or do you always feel like it’s a scramble to find space to take care of your personal needs? What would make your master bath more comfortable, convenient, and relaxing? Here’s a look at 8 features you may want to include in your Edmonton bathroom renovation.

4. A Home Office

Perhaps this is the year that you actually make the move to work from home. To do that you’ll need an effective and efficient home office. But there’s more to creating a functional home office than simply putting a desk and a couple of chairs in the spare bedroom. 

5. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

In keeping with the spirit of improvement, perhaps what you’d like to do is make your home more energy efficient. Not only will you feel better about having less of an impact on the environment around you, but you’ll also enjoy increased comfort and savings on utilities. For more specific ideas on how to do that check out this helpful article about creating an energy efficient Edmonton home.
What if you can’t decide where to start? Take a look at these 9 questions that can help you determine what part of your home to renovate. This year, tackle resolutions that you really want to do. Chances are, you’ll be a lot more successful. Or, you could just go on that diet . . .


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